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People nowadays lead busy lives, and some people believe that our culture as a whole equates being busy with success. While a hectic schedule is what many are used to, it does make keeping up with the essential responsibilities of adulthood more challenging. Especially when it comes to busy families, keeping a home clean is an incredibly daunting task. For families with young children who aren't self-sufficient or capable of helping, messes are made faster than they can be cleaned up.

As there is a wealth of competition in any business industry, keeping your office or establishment clean and tidy is a way to stand out amongst the competition. Businesses have a lot of areas that need to be continually monitored and maintained. For most, cleaning can sometimes fall by the wayside, especially when customer service and the bottom line take priority.

Whether you are in need of residential or commercial house cleaning services, our Portland team are happy to lend a hand. To the Best House Cleaning team, cleaning is not just a job; it involves the privileged pleasure of knowing that a space has been left cleaner and more pleasant than how it was found.

Best Home Cleaner Service

If your home is in need of a little extra TLC to make it genuinely shine and reflect the happiness of those within, don't be afraid to enlist the help of Best House Cleaning professionals. Our team are experts when it comes to scouring, scrubbing, polishing, and cleaning. Having a clean home is your reprieve from the hectic pace of life. Why not spend your time relaxing and enjoying what you have accomplished, rather than wasting precious family time trying to clean up regularly. Living in fear of those pop-in visits also can be stressful in a household that is struggling to maintain it.

Best House Cleaning has a number of customized cleaning packages available to suit every home owner's schedule and need: on-going schedule cleanings, periodic cleaning, one-time cleaning, or specialized services such as carpet, stove, fridge, or oven cleans. Whether you want to arrange a set schedule with a cleaner coming at the same time every week or coming once in a while when needed, or arrange for a specialized clean, our team is happy to oblige.

Move Out

There are so many details to consider when moving out. From packing to canceling services and setting them up at the new location, that final move-out clean can be just one more thing that needs to be done in a long list of tedious tasks. The Best House team knows just how to conduct that final clean to honor the space you are leaving behind. Move-out cleaning packages are as customizable as you need them to be.

Maid Service

Whether for your residential home or commercial establishment, maid service is a valuable way to keep things clean and reputable for guests and customers. Maid service packages can be customized to include long- or short-term daily, weekly, or specialized cleaning services.

Local Home Cleaner Service

The local Portland Best House Cleaning service has earned a name for itself for thorough, reliable, and professional service. Our cleaning services include vacuuming, floor cleaning, dusting, emptying garbages, bathroom, kitchen, and break room clean up. Any space you have in your home or establishment will fall within the Best House clean team's area of expertise.

Cleaning schedules are 100-percent arranged based on your schedule and preference. If you prefer for your home or establishment to be cleaned while you are not around, our team is happy to come during times you are gone, before opening, or after closing.

Residential Services

When it comes to residential cleaning, everyone knows how impossible it can feel to keep up with a hectic schedule and maintain a clean home. The truth is, without some professional help, this juggling act often comes at the expense of your sanity and time better spent enjoying family and friends. Our professional cleaners are pleased to serve their Portland community and is not content with a job unless their customers are. From essential to specific requests, let our team do what they are best at bringing out the best in your house and making it worthy of the people who call it home.

Commercial Services

A clean work environment is not just a happier one, but also a safer one. Clean business establishments and offices are less likely to experience workplace accidents that could lead to costly and inconvenient workers' comp claims. Our commercial team are more than happy to work around the schedule of your workplace and can do their cleaning before opening hours or after closing so you are not inconvenienced and can experience the pleasure of arriving at work to a clean and organized work environment.

Let your customers know how much you value your Portland business and their experience of it by letting them walk into a professionally-cleaned business establishment. First impressions are everything, and by enlisting the help of the Best House cleaning services team of Portland, you will be putting your establishment's best face forward every single day.

With the big decluttering movement gaining more and more followers, people are indeed starting to realize the effect that our home or work environment has on the people who spend time there. Having a clean and organized home and workplace environment is one of the best ways to ensure your space is as cheerful and safe as possible. Keeping a space decluttered and clean not only looks nice but also is a space less likely to witness workplace accidents due to slips and falls or tripping over clutter. From residential to commercial, our Portland cleaning services include vacuuming, floors, dusting, specialized cleans, bathroom, kitchen, break room, conference room, and so much more. If you are in the Portland area and are wanting to free up some time so you can put your energy into worthier places, consider enlisting the help of the Portland House Cleaning team.

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