Cleanliness plays a big part in the presentation of a home. Everyone knows that best way to strike a positive first impression for visitors to your home is to have it spotlessly clean. Cleanliness also plays a bigger role other than matters of presentation. Cleaning your home fends off disease-causing germs and pathogens, which for obvious reasons, no one want to have in his or her home.

If only for the two reasons above, cleaning should be an integral part of our lives. As such, it is a modern-day culture to perform cleaning tasks on a daily basis or as frequently as possible.

However, we more often than not dread the entire endeavour of cleaning. The time it takes to spotless clean a typical family home is quite a lot. Most of us would be happy to reduce the time and effort spent in ensuring our homes are clean.

Herein are some of the simplest tricks on cutting down on cleaning tasks, without compromising on the cleanliness.

Trick #1: Reducing Oven Cleaning Tasks

One of the most tedious tasks of cleaning is cleaning the oven. The crammed spaces do not make the cleaning process any easier. One way of reducing the effort and time spent in cleaning the oven is by using oven liners. This simple aid is placed at the very bottom of the oven or placed on the lowest rack. It collects all the greasy deposits that would otherwise stick to the bottom of the oven. This effectively negates the task of cleaning the bottom part of the oven altogether.

The liner can be recycled by cleaning it in the sink which is far easier than cleaning the bottom of the oven.

Trick #2: Reducing the Time And Effort Used In Cleaning Cooking Dishes

A good home cooked meal usually follows the tedious work of cleaning dishes. The worst of them all is cleaning the cooking vessels. The grease and the stubborn food that lines the dish makes cleaning that much harder.

One way of reducing the dish cleaning task is by dishing the food right after it is ready. After that, fill the cooking vessel with warm water, some dish soap and some baking soda. Leave it for some time as you take your meal. Doing this softens the stuck food and grease that is in the cooking vessels, making cooking much easier.

Trick #3: Using Great Cleaning Techniques

The techniques used in cleaning can make cleaning easier or very difficult. One of the best technique of cleaning any surface in the house is the ‘S-pattern’ instead of the typical ‘circular motion’ pattern of cleaning. Cleaning surfaces as if you are drawing an ‘S-pattern’ makes sure you do not re-contaminate an already clean area.
It is also prudent to clean from top to bottom and from right to left. This ensures you cover all the spots, and everything is cleaned.

Trick #4: Reduce Vacuuming Tasks By Taking Off Outdoor Shores Right After You Enter The Door.

Shoes track in about 80% of all the dirt in your home. This forms the majority of the dirt that you have to vacuum. Removing outdoor shoes reduces the tasks you have to perform in the form of vacuuming.

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