Learn To Deodorize Instead Of “Reodorize” Your Home

There are a huge array of items in your home that are putting out some sort of odor. The average home might have more than 100 sources of odor. All of these scents are coming together to create something known as your “scent signature”. Anytime you walk into someone’s home you’ll almost always notice their scent signature first. It often hits you before you have time to see even the first room.

A scent signature isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes homes smell pleasant or they have very little smell at all. What you want to avoid is turning that scent signature into a stink signature. Knowing how to deal with these unwanted scents can be a bit tricky, especially when they are coming from multiple sources.

Don’t “Reodorize” The Room

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is rushing out to the store to purchase air fresheners or candles to remove the odors from their home. It sounds like a great idea at first, but when you stop to think about it, they aren’t really helping to solve the problem at all.

When you have an unwanted odor in your home you want to remove it or “deodorize” it. Air fresheners and candles actually do quite the opposite. Instead of removing the odor from the room they simply add another layer on top of it. The new scent is just so strong that it hopefully overpowers the rest. Even if you actually like the scents they provide it will quickly fade away and you’ll have to reapply it to mask the existing odor.

If you want a truly clean home, then your goal should be to remove the odor instead of simply masking it. Yes, this does require a little more work, but it helps reduce that unwanted scent signature instead of just changing it to something else.

Learn To Deodorize Instead

The first and most obvious method for deodorize a room is locating the sources of odor and cleaning them. Those odors aren’t coming out of thin air. They each have a source somewhere. Maybe old shoes, uncleaned stains, full trash, old sheets, or dirty upholstery. Why spray air fresheners over a dirty gym bag when you could just clean the bag and eliminate the odors altogether.

This can be applied to pets as well. You might notice that you repeatedly clean the areas where you pets hang out or make a mess, but you still can’t seem to get rid of that pet odor. A better solution is to actually clean the pet instead. A clean pet won’t create nearly as much odor. Regular baths will eliminate a great majority of those unwanted pet odors.

Finally, you can use items that actually deodorize the room instead of reodorize it. One of the best deodorizes for your house is readily available at most grocery stores: vinegar. Simply pour a bowl of vinegar and leave it out uncovered for the duration of the night. In the morning you’ll notice the room smells fresher than before.

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